RMSUEM200877: Release Notes:RayManageSoft Unified Endpoint Manager 3.1.2974.741 [Update 1]


RMSUEM200877: Release Notes:RayManageSoft Unified Endpoint Manager 3.1.2974.741 [Update 1]


Type: Full Product

Resolved issues:

  • Fixed an issue where the changes to the advanced package configuration could not be persisted when switching to another (not-default /latest) version. In this version, user settings are persisted and correctly restored upon switching to another version. [RMSC-2537]
  • Fixed an issue that could cause inconsistent search results in the Package Store when changing the desired operating system platform. [RMSC-2478]
  • Fixed an issue where duplicates of packages present on the initial Package Store screen could be displayed in the list. [RMSC-2340]
  • Improved handling of Package Store packages whose versions do not follow a standard version format. This problem affected a number of popular packages, including but not limited to preview versions or any version strings that contained additional meta information (e.g. GIT commit identifiers or parts thereof). From this release, such packages will be handled correctly by the packaging module. [RMSC-2536] [RMSC-2518] [RMSC-2339] [ZEN-26324] [ZEN-25490]
  • Fixed an issue where parsing of MacOS package manifests     (Info.plist) could return an error for some specific packages with unexpected or unconventional values. In this release, such issues are handled correctly and will not cause the package building process to fail. [RMSC-2507] [ZEN-26325]

Date Published: 2024/02/21
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Installation Instructions:

Detailed installation instructions and further documentation can be found here:

RayManageSoft Unified Endpoint Manager


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