RMSUEM200874: Release Notes:RayManageSoft Unified Endpoint Manager 3.1


Title: RMSUEM 200874: RayManageSoft Unified Endpoint Manager 3.1
Type: Full Product

Feature Highlights:

  • Single sign on with Keycloak [RMSC-1147]
  • Data table enhanced [RMSC-2106]
  • Dynamic groups [RMSC-2016] [RMSC-2104]
  • Security assessment [RMSC-2101]
  • Upgrade package for agents [RMSC-792]
  • Online documentation and direct help [RMSC-2152] [RMSC-2226]

Other Improvements and Changes:

  • Enhanced the handling of installer creation for existing packages. [RMSC-2041]
  • Run commands support file usage. [RMSC-1419]
  • Files to be added to the third-party package are sorted for a better overview. [RMSC-1985]
  • Branding details of a third-party package is mandatory. [RMSC-2230]
  • Files download and upload for packages. [RMSC-2007]
  • Text files within packages can directly be edited. [RMSC-2018]
  • Ensure the conscious renaming of the package name during edits by implementing a lock. [RMSC-2010]
  • Targeting is now also supported for installers and run commands. [RMSC-2019]
  • Postponable package can be directly viewed on the macOS AppCenter. [RMSC-2042]
  • ‘Patch Management’ section got renamed to ‘Third-party patching’ and is now part of ‘Endpoint security’. [RMSC-2100]
  • MST for a silent Windows agent installation got introduced. [RMSC-2105]
  • ‘Deployment targets’ in the package details view support dynamic loading. [RMSC-2146]
  • macOS system components are now filtered during fingerprint creation on catalog service. [RMSC-2210]
  • macOS 14 (Sonoma) got added to targeting. [RMSC-2219]
  • The file storage cleanup job can be configured to do only warnings instead of directly deleting files from storage. [RMSC-2249]
  • Azure AD import supports now group device relation. [RMSC-2285]
  • The deprecation of associating files with the installer has occurred. Instead, the file uploaded now automatically establishes association based on its location relative to the installer folder. [RMSC-1420]

Resolved Issue:

  • Scheduled task support now includes cancellation, and deleting a task automatically terminates any ongoing execution. [RMSC-1110]
  • Addressed command processing issues on the macOS agent during package installation. Now, exit codes from completed commands are correctly processed throughout the ongoing installation process. [RMSC-2037]
  • The issue of not displaying configured contact information in macOS AppCenter has been resolved. [RMSC-2126]
  • Resolved an issue where, upon a user-initiated installation, macOS AppCenter previously failed to update the list of installed packages. [RMSC-1994]
  • Resolved processing of update compliance policy packages on the managed device side. [RMSC-1710]
  • The issue of repairing a package in the macOS AppCenter causing inconsistent installation states on the server side has been successfully resolved. [RMSC-2013]
  • The problem of incorrectly processing special characters in package properties during OSD and NDC generation has been resolved. [RMSC-826] [RMSC-1995]
  • Resolved the issue where empty and white-space values were incorrectly accepted for certain package properties. [RMSC-2005]
  • System logs on the server should be free of any third-party library info messages. [RMSC-2046]
  • The issue of incomplete package names on the Package Store package selection has been resolved. [RMSC-2048]
  • The editing of tenant setting properties has been enhanced for a more user-friendly experience. [RMSC-2063] [RMSC-2086]
  • The issue with adding a device to a group with the administrator role has been successfully resolved. [RMSC-2114]
  • Group identification for devices/packages to be added in the automation tool has been resolved. [RMSC-2384]
  • The issue where a package with dependencies failed to be added to the policy has been resolved. [RMSC-2362]
  • The issue on reading IPv6Address information to be displayed on the device details view has been resolved. [RMSC-2295]
  • The issue with re-importing Azure AD information to match existing devices, groups and relations has been resolved. [RMSC-2314]

For a detailed release information and full list of new features, improvements, refer to the Release Notes document.

Date Published: 2024-JAN
Requirements: Refer to the Installation Guide for detailed information on how to install / upgrade RayManageSoft United Endpoint Manager



Detailed installation instructions and further documentation can be found here:

RayManageSoft Unified Endpoint Manager


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