RPK200873: Release Notes: RayPack 7.3.6833.3458 [Update 5]

Type: Full Product


  • Enhanced PackRecorder Wizard: The last page of the PackRecorder wizard now displays blocked or omitted files. Users can easily identify files that were excluded during the repackaging process. [RPK-4838] [ZEN-25214]
  • Improved Permission Scan, enhanced the use of the ignore list in permission scans and ignore corrupted characters in snapshot files. [RPK-4866] [ZEN-25617]

Resolved issues:

  • Fixed Issue when saving a transform with additional files, the created CAB file was not properly included in the Media table. This issue has been resolved. [RPK-4853] [ZEN-25450]
  • Addressed a problem where shot cut attribute were swapped in shortcut table view and documentation. [RPK-4855] [ZEN-25352] [ZEN-25354]
  • Resolved an issue where creating a profile without active exclusion lists could lead to the automatic addition and activation of undesired exclusion lists. [RPK-4857] [ZEN-25575]
  • Corrected an issue where the source path should not reference original local path after repackaging in the RCP file but rather absolute location _src [RPK-4858] [ZEN-25590]
  • Fixed Laypkg Generation Issue. The VHD from a laypkg generated with RayPack can now be properly mounted using Windows onboard tools. [RPK-4867] [ZEN-25476]
  • In RayPack projects, empty directories were not being included in PackLayer. This issue has been resolved, and now empty directories are properly included in the PackLayer. [RPK-4852] [ZEN-25475]
Date Published: 2024/01/09
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Installation Instructions: To install RayPack follow the instructions in the RayPack User Guide


Download Location:

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Download from Raynet FTP


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