RVY200872: Release Notes: RayVentory Data Hub 12.6.5509.101 [Update 1]

Release Notes: RayVentory Data Hub 12.6.5509.101 [Update 1]


Type: Full Product


  • Cumulative Update and Improvements of Cloud Connectors [RR-3993]
    In this release, cloud connectors were updated to internal version 2023.3.1, which brings the following improvements:
  • New connector: Microsoft 365 Subscriptions and Microsoft Azure Resources. [KOT-274] [KOT-325]
  • IBM ILMT connector now allows HTTP protocol for the server URL. [KOT-432]
  • Miro connector has now audit logs and basic rate limiter. [KOT-400] [KOT-369]
  • In Smartsheet Platform connector, the Event endpoint was added. [KOT-398]
  • In Veeva Vault connector, the Document Audit Trail was added. [KOT-423]
  • Many internal changes and updates for the VMware vSphere connector. [KOT-389]
  • Authority Validation was added to the serverUrl parameter. [KOT-413]
  • A new parameter enforceExecutionLimits was added. [KOT-410]
  • Connector BMC Discovery has been extended with a retry logic based on transient. [KOT-418]
  • It is now possible to ignore certificate validation in the Kubernetes connector. [KOT-405]
  • Fetching of user data from Microsoft Azure AD is now optional. [KOT-371]
  • Improved URL handling. [KOT-376]
  • In Microsoft 365 connector a filter for users and new endpoints has been added, sign-ins were removed. [KOT-354]
  • Connector MS Azure Computer Inventory and Loganalytics now is more resilient. [KOT-412]
  • Improvement and fixes of the Pipedrive connector. [KOT-422]
  • Improved log formatting and error logging. [KOT-407] [KOT-381] [KOT-384] [KOT-411] [KOT-375]

  • More Descriptive Transformation Steps [RR-3995]
    We have made several improvements to the Transformation view. The following changes make it much easier to understand the dependencies between steps:
  • The Data Hub does not show the output if the output table is temporary. Previously, all temporary tables were listed.
  • Instead of referring to source steps by their ID, Data Hub now uses the ID followed by the step name.

Below is a comparison between version 12.6 and 12.6 Update 1:



Because the new view is more compact, users can see about 20% more items at once

  • Successful Task Runs now Show the Details of the Gathered Data [RR-2958]
    Upon task completion, Data Hub now provides detailed results from the run, showcasing specific information such as data table names, row counts, and changes since the last run.



This enhancement facilitates easier tracking of each task run, enabling users to promptly identify anomalies and respond to evolving data.

  • Export and Import of Transformation Now Includes the Programmability Layer [RR-2961] [ZEN-24453] [ZEN-24801]
    In this release, we have changed the way importing and exporting transformation files works.
  • Exporting a transformation without programmability will continue to work as before, the user will receive a download of a .json file.
  • Exporting a transformation with a programmability definition will result in the download of a .zip file that bundles together the definition of the transformation (.json) and the code for programmability (.sql).
  • Importing .sql, .json, and .zip files is supported and handled accordingly.

This change effectively means that it is now possible to do a single click import and export, without any additional actions required for custom code / programmability.

Other improvements:

  • It is now possible to delete non-empty sections. In previous versions of Data Hub, the section had to be manually emptied before it could be deleted. [RR-2610]
  • In the Raw Viewer section, it is now possible to enter multiple table names separated by commas (,). This switches the search mode to include all specified tables. [RR-3292]
  • RMS UEM Connector is now more resilient and can retry API calls in case of failed attempts. [RMSC-2361]
  • We have improved the performance of the Raw Data Viewer when working with large tables. The change is particularly noticeable when filtering by column - the list of available values for filtering is now loaded instantly, several orders of magnitude faster than in 12.6. [RR-3999] [ZEN-24884]
  • Canceling a task is now faster, in many cases responding immediately to the user's request. This change affects the following data collectors: Active Directory, RayVentory Catalog, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, RMS UEM, SCCM and Data Transformation. [RR-3443]
  • Improved handling of server-side transformation tasks, which will now be restarted if the hosting server restarts or quits unexpectedly. This is an improvement over the previous version, where such tasks were simply dropped. [RR-3846]
  • The Catalog connector now sends the fingerprint “Path” value for more accurate matches. [RR-3956]
  • The Raw Data viewer now seamlessly updates the URL when searching for a specific string, enabling users to quickly share or bookmark the link as it accurately reflects the currently viewed tables. [RR-3963]
  • Optimized parameters for the Software on device report. [RR-3955]

Security improvements:

  • DataHub now has a stricter validation of uploaded images (profile avatars), which prevents non-image files from being uploaded. [RR-3900] [ZEN-24592]

Resolved issues:

  • Several issues in the transformation engine are now resolved:
  • Fixed an issue with wrongNumberOfArguments error when coalescing a null value. [RR-3980] [ZEN-25137]
  • Fixed an issue with invalid table join with multiple join keys. [RR-3986] [ZEN-25195]
  • Fixed an issue with ignoring the join order when using the coalesce conflict resolution method. [RR-3991] [ZEN-25291]
  • Fixed an issue with saving of conflict resolution data in case of no changes. [RR-3992] [ZEN-25291]
  • Fixed an issue, where a combination of the “Take over the remaining columns” or “Determine column type from context" setting and a bigint column type was treating the column as varbinary. [RR-3610] [ZEN-20889]
  • Fixed minor issues with logging messages. [RR-3968]
  • Fixed warning message displayed when access to Data Hub (LDAP authentication only). Previously, the message was vague and could be confused with the invalid credentials warning. [RR-3960] [ZEN-24939]
  • Fixed a regression in the REST API, where the endpoint resultDatabase/table would not properly recognize the parameters includeDataTypes. [RR-3738] [ZEN-23322]
  • Resolved issues in cloud connectors:
    Connector AWS EC2 is now skipping failed accounts on missing permissions. [KOT-414]
  • Connector BMC Discovery now stops paging if no data was received. [KOT-431]
  • Fixed issues with parameter relation and time interval requests in the Microsoft Azure Cost Details connector. [KOT-435]
  • Fixed rate limited and missing data in the Microsoft Intune connector. [KOT-385]
  • Fixed issues with printing from the report page. [RR-3958]
  • Fixed suboptimal selection of the default parameters for the Vulnerability Details report. [RR-3957]
  • Various improvements of non-English UI texts. [RR-3920] [RR-3919]
  • Fixed an issue with data validation of tasks returning a single table. [RR-3934]
  • Fixed issues with horizontal axis in the Dashboards > Collection > RayVentory and Dashboards > Collection > ECM objects. [RR-3939] [RR-3983]
  • Fixed issues with case-sensitivity of groups names, preventing the changes from being saved. [RR-3979]
  • Fixed several minor issues with cloning of tenants. [RR-3825]
  • Fixed missing folder icon for the Data collection section in Docker image. [RR-3218]
  • Fixed issues related to the history of task changes when enabling or disabling schedules. [RR-3381] [RR-3707]
  • Fixed issues pertaining to the clearing of temporary and cached files in instances where the temporary folder is absent. [RR-3927]
  • Fixed issues with invisible scrollbar in the Import wizard. [RR-3736]
  • Fixed issues with Oracle-related tasks by resolving the failure caused by the unset variable ORACLE_REPORT_USE_ETL. [RR-3951]
  • Fixed issues involving the incomplete context menu for newly created reports, dashboards, and folders. [RR-3711]
  • The occasional issue of hardware number not being checked during Data Hub activation has been fixed and is reflected in the update. [RR-4019]

Breaking changes:

  • Microsoft 365 connector does not deliver the sign-in information anymore. A dedicated connector has to be used to bridge this gap. [KOT-354]


Date Published: 2023/12/29
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Installation Instructions: Detailed instructions for the installation can be found in the RayVentory Data Hub 12.6 User Guide.


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