RFL200172: RayFlow Client 4.0

Title: RFL200172: RayFlow Client 4.0
Type: Full Product


  • Data fields are now grouped in their predefined groups, significantly reducing the effort required to search and edit the properties of a task

For a detailed release information and full list of new features, improvements and resolved issues refer to the Release Notes document.

Date Published: 2016-JUN
Requirements: See Release Notes document for hardware and software requirements
Applies to Version(s):  -
Obsoletes: RayFlow.Client 3.3 and earlier
Restrictions/Known Issues:

The following lists represents the list of known issues added by this release of RayFlow Client:

  • RF-2152 - Cannot connect to server if a proxy configuration script is used
  • RF-2209 - Wrong error message on login attempt of blocked user
  • RF-2804 - Package Path auto fill function does not work for unchecked overwrite option
Hotfixes:  - 
Installation Instructions: Double-click the MSI and follow the displayed instructions
Affects (Modules, Components, etc.):

complete product

Linked Tickets/Development Tasks:


RF-1942, RF-2200, RF-2420, RF-2518,

RF-2632, RF-2662, RF-2718, RF-2743, 

RF-2753, RF-2783, RF-2784, RF-2792,

RF-2825, RF-2828, RF-2863, RF-2870

See Release Notes document for more details

Verification Hash (SHA1): 8D991AC6A67DE21B21C296063F0A7A86E5B8741D (PackagingSuite Installer)
Download Location:
FTP Server: file.raynet.de
User: rayflow-kd
Password: XKQJEd!



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