RPK200143: The PackBench service fails to start

After installing the PackBench Server component, the PackBench service may fail to start. 


If this is the case, please perform the following actions: 

1.  Does the Network Service service exist as a SQL Server login? 

2.  If step 1 is false, create a login for it. 

3.  If step 1 is true, does its login use the PackBench database as its default database, and does it also have a user mapping to the PackBench database? 

4.  If step 3 is false, make those changes. 

5.  If step 3 is true, is this login a member of the db_datareader and db_datawriter roles for the PackBench database? 

6.  If step 5 is false, make those changes. 

7.  If step 5 is true, contact Raynet Support. 


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