RVY200112: Quick Guide RayVentory - Remote Console

This guide is designed to configure your RayVentory server for the
Remote Console usage.

Before you proceed

This guide assumes:

  • The RayManageSoft Administration Server is already setup and preconfigured.
  • You are familiar to the local and/or global security policy management for Microsoft Windows.

The RayVentory release notes and full-size documentation are available in addition to this document.

I. Purpose

As long the remote console is not installed only a local management for the RayManageSoft Administration Server is possible.

Note: The Remote Console will only work with Windows Authentication. Therefore client and server have to be part of the same or trusted Active Directory (AD) Domain.

II. Solution (Setup Remote Console)

The following configuration items and installation steps are necessary for the remote console:

Group membership

Before starting the installation make sure the AD user or group who will use the console is part of the following local groups (RayVentory Server):

MGS Administrators
MGS Data Modifiers

SQL Server configuration

To ensure the remote database access the TCP/IP protocol has to be enabled (server).

I. Start the SQL Server Configuration Manager
II. Select SQL Server network Configuration -> Protocols for <InstanceName>
III. Protocol -> Enabled = Yes
IV. IP Adresses -> Set all TCP Port to 1433, leave TCP Dynamic Ports field empty

Enable the SQL Server Browser to even further improve the access options

I. Start the SQL Server Configuration Manager
II. SQL Server Services
III. Enable and start SQL Server Browser

Both settings are disabled by default for an Instance of SQL Express.

Insert Domain

To enable Windows Authentication and set the user rights, the target domain has to be enabled and the data to be reconciled.

Open SQL Server Management Studio SSMS and add the new Domain (RayVentory Server). For following examples we will use “Domain.local” :

Set domain configuration

Enable AD reconcile

reg add "HKLM\Software\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Administrator\CurrentVersion" /v
DirectorySystem /t REG_SZ /d AD;MGS /f /reg:32

Start AD reconcile

"\Program Files (x86)\RayVentory\Reporter\polmerge.exe" -d "DC=Domain,DC=local" -R -f

Disable AD reconcile

reg add "HKLM\Software\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Administrator\CurrentVersion" /v
DirectorySystem /t REG_SZ /d MGS /f /reg:32

Set Group Permission

Assign the Admin Rights for a specific group to grant server access. As an example for all Domain Users:


Remove unnecessary AD Policies from the RayVentory Server database.

Remote Console Installation

To install the remote console you can either use the full RayVentory Server Setup or the dedicated package for the remote console.

For a quick installation use the following command line (client):

MSIEXEC /qb /i "ManageSoft for administration servers.Msi" /L*v
"RayVentoryConsoleSetup.log" WAREHOUSEDIR2="C:\RayVentory"
IGNORE_ADD_USER_ERRORS=TRUE TRANSFORMS="ManageSoft administration console.mst"

Click the “Deployment Manager Administration Server” to start the remote console (client).



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