RSC200109: How to reactivate a Raynet product license

It might be necessary to deactivate Raynet product on a machine and to reactivate it, for example if a product needs to be installed on a different machine. Since the licenses are bound to a hardware id, the license file cannot be used on a different machine.

Sometimes it might even be necessary to reactivate a product to get the newest features of a newer version.

In order to deactivate a license the license wizard needs to be opened. This can be done by going to the About section in the program and open the license wizard (“About”->”License and Edition” section). Alternatively the exe “Raynet.LicenseActivation.exe” can be used to open the license wizard. The exe can be found in the installation folder.


After starting the license wizard an activation can be taken back by clicking on “I want to take my activation back…” option:


After clicking on this option the order number and user name has to be entered.

With clicking on “Deactivate Now” this license will be deactivated and is free for a new activation.


To reactivate the license perform the usual steps by using the “I have my order number…” option in the license wizard.


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