RPK200871: Release Notes: RayPack 7.3.6816.3451 [Update 3]

Type: Full Product

More granular control on copying of files into the project folder  [RPK-4731] [ZEN-21429]
In this update, we have introduced a configurable option that allows you to copy resources to the project folder as needed

New options in the portable repackager (rps.exe)                       [RPK-4837] [ZEN-25213]
We have added two new parameters for
rps.exe, namely -excludeEmptyFolders and -exclusionList, to enhance your packaging and deployment processes. They can be used to control, whether the empty folders are excludeded during unattended repackaging (with the compare option), and also to specify an exclusion list (or multiple exclusion lists) to be applied.


Other improvements:

  • PACKDESIGNER We have added an option and extended the PackageCode generation. It is now possible to control, whether the PackageCode is recreated upon saving or building. The default option is consistent with the previous behavior, that means to change the PackageCode when rebuilding and preserve it when saving / saving as, but can be changed at the user discretion. [RPK-4842] [ZEN-25355]
  • PACKRECORDER With this update, we are introducing a new option that provides three levels of exclusion for empty folders, giving you more control over your project structure. [RPK-4836] [ZEN-25211]

Resolved issues:

  • PACKDESIGNER Fixed an issue with duplicated registry keys. [RPK-4841] [ZEN-25338]
  • PACKDESIGNER Fixed an issue where an error occurred during MSI installation if the option "pin to taskbar" was enabled for partial shortcuts. [RPK-4843] [ZEN-25354]
  • PACKDESIGNER Fixed an issue where INI files were not displayed if the folder of the component and the INI file were not the same. [RPK-4844] [ZEN-25341]
Date Published: 2023/11/10
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Installation Instructions: To install RayPack follow the instructions in the RayPack User Guide


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