RPK200046: Could not convert ISM project having “Setup Launcher” option enabled

Application context

RayPack 2.0

Editions: Professional, Enterprise


Converting project from ISM fails with the following warning:

"Could not convert the project <ProjectPath+Filename>. Make sure that all necessary resources are accessible."

if the option Setup Launcher is set to YES within the ISM project.



When converting an ISM project, the flag Setup Launcher informs the IS compiler that the output of the project is an executable wrapper. RayPack expects that every ISM project builds to MSI, and displays a warning message if this is not the case.



Adjust the ISM project and disable Setup Launcher

  1. Open the ISM project using InstallShield®.
  2. Go to Media > Releases menu.
  3. Select a release from the tree
  4. Make sure the option Setup Launcher is disabled
  5. Save the ISM project
  6. Repeat the ISM -> RPP conversion process



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