RPK200010: Missing features after migration

Application context

RayPack 1.1 – RayPack 1.2

Editions: Professional and Enterprise



After migration from previous version of RayPack and using the already existing license file (a file with extension *.license, located in the root installation folder) some of the expected features are missing:

  • Upgrades tab
  • Dialog tab
  • Component synchronization in upgrade wizard


RayPack uses a flexible licensing model allowing to tailor the license to particular business needs by turning selected small units on and off. Upgrades and dialogs are examples of features that are not available in all editions.

If your license file has been created before the features were implemented in the current version of the application, the required features may be missing in your static license file. When using that license, RayPack treats them as unlicensed, which on the other hand hides them  from the UI.



The program has to be reactivated again. The reactivation can be done as many times as you want, provided that your computer’s hardware Id has not changed. During the reactivation process, a new static license file will be created, and all features that are currently covered by your license will be written into that file.


To reactivate RayPack:

1)      Make a backup of your old license file (a file with extension *.license, located in the root installation folder)

2)      Delete all *.license files from the root installation folder

3)      Start RayPack again

4)      The activation wizard will be displayed. Enter your order number and your e-mail address.

  • The order number should be in the e-mail that you received from us after purchasing a RayPack license. If you don’t remember your order number, please contact our support.

5)      Click ACTIVATE button

  • If you don’t have access to the internet, click ACTIVATE BY E-MAIL and provide the generated data collection to our support.


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