RPK200009: Connections to the internet

Application context

RayPack core application security


When the raypack.exe is running, the network activity monitor may sometimes show connections to an external server (for example IP address although it is not justified by the current usage of the program.


To prevent tampering of code and breaching of Operating System security, all RayPack assemblies are digitally signed. The signature is valid for a certain amount of time. Because of that the operating system may occasionally connect to the time server to get the current time stamps in order to validate the signature. The server with IP address is one of the time servers belonging to Microsoft (the actual registration data can be obtained via one of many whois information providers). This behavior is part of core Windows components.

No personal or identification data is sent during this process. The internet connection is not required by RayPack, the program requires only one-time connection in order to activate for the first time. Once the application is activated, RayPack does not send or receive any data from the internet.


Please feel free to contact our support team if you have further questions about digital signing or RayPack product security in general.


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