RPK200005: Re-creating MST CAB files fails

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RayPack CAB management



With the release of RayPack 1.1 some users reported issues with the CAB files which belong to repeatedly manipulated MST’s. Whilst creating an MST’s CAB file according to the build process options works as expected for the first build execution, changing and saving the MST later on may lead to building invalid CAB files.

Users reported to encounter messages regarding missing sources from newly added files during the MST save procedure.



Exporting RayPack project content to the MST file format is not the same as saving changes made to an existing MST. The issue reported by customers is caused by the RayPack routine for creating CAB files for newly added content with each save process executed on MST’s. Depending on the individual complexity of CAB creation rules and file resource management, RayPack sometimes failed to map newly added resources to the resembling CAB files.



This known issue is solved in RayPack_1.1.2999.6. Users should download the latest installation resources from the standard download location, and follow the routine outlined in the respective Release Notes.


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Support Ticket ID: 2156


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