RPK200003: Troubles with Several RayPack Installations running on one machine

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With the release of RayPack 1.1 some users reported upgrade issues on systems which have heavily and repeatedly been used for evaluation purposes without proper cleaning measures.

Depending on the constellation of target installation directories and version combinations, trying to launch one of these RayPack instances may lead to a hard application crash-to-desktop.



The reports coming in about update issues of this kind mostly came from our own Raynet staff, since we have a couple of sandbox environments to run quick research on. In well-structured productive environments, where upgrade procedures and incrementing version paths are followed, neither us nor our customers ever encountered the issue outlined above.

Therefore, this article is just intended to be a matter of prevention, targeted to those heavy IT users out there who know how handy dirty sandboxes may be from time to time.



In order to assure a clean installation state of RayPack on a packaging machine, please follow the steps given below:

  1. Read the Release Notes provided for the version that is about to be installed. Make sure to meet the requirements regarding hardware and software prerequisites. If there is a section with specific information regarding the migration procedure, make sure to follow these instructions.
  2. Before a new version of RayPack is installed on a system, make sure to uninstall any existing instance.

    Please refer to the knowledge base article “How to uninstall RayPack 1.x” for instructions on how to accomplish that.
  3. Install the version that is intended to be used on the machine. Run the standard procedures for license activation (or license transfer if required).

Following these steps provides a clean RayPack application status to work with.


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