RPK200006: Troubles with upgrading from RayPack 1.0.x to 1.1

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Upgrading from RayPack 1.0.x to 1.1 may lead to issues regarding licensed features and settings profile compatibility:

Once the old version is uninstalled via the operating system ARP interface, and the new 1.1 is installed instead, the following symptoms may occur:


All listed features in settings > about > license details are marked as not licensed, invoking functionality via the RayPack UI fails.


Editing and applying settings profiles that were originally created with RayPack 1.0 in RayPack 1.1 may lead to errors and unexpected capture results.




The licensing system in RayPack 1.1 is far more flexible, allowing tailoring your license to actual business needs. Therefore, all licenses generated for version 1.0 have to be reactivated again.


In release 1.1 we improved the settings and packaging environment by merging the templates for the new MSI (RPP) and repackaged projects (RCP).




Please make sure that you delete all *.license files from the installation folder (default C:\Program Files (x86)\RayPack\) and then simply start RayPack or contact our support in order to get a new license.

Of course all order numbers generated for the version 1.0 are still valid and were automatically converted to the new edition.


For the best experience it is recommended to clear the old profiles folder on the machine the upgrade will be performed. The old profiles are located in %AppData%\RayPack folder.

If you already had a highly customized profile, please contact our support via support@raynet.de, we will be happy to assist you on migration.


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