Q205468: How to remove Deployment Manager evidence after uninstallation


This article covers how to remove "Deployment Manager" evidence from a device during or after uninstallation of an application.



The Deployment Manager agent when installing a package will keep a copy of the package in the agent cache, this evidence can also be used as installer evidence for the purposes of Application Recognition. During uninstallation if this evidence is not correctly removed then it may remain on the device and the application might be recognized as still being installed

If - when you added the package to policy - you specified to automatically uninstall it when no longer in policy the evidence should be removed without further action. If you didn't choose that option you will need to follow the workaround process below.



To uninstall the package you first need to know the package name, the easiest way to find this is:
  1. Open your reporting page (Click on "Reporting" in the admin console)
  2. Under the Distribution section click on "All" next to "Packages"
  3. Find the package and make a note of the package name.
  4. Edit you package and go to Run Commands > All Run Commands
  5. Add a new Run Command
  6. The command should be executed "After the application is uninstalled" or "Before the application is uninstalled" as applicable (most choose After).
  7. The run command is ndlaunch.exe -d "<tpackage_name>" where <package_name> is the name you found in step 3.
  8. The commands starting location is \Program Files\ManageSoft\Launcher
Once you have distributed the package the "ManageSoft" evidence should be removed before or after the uninstallation completes.
If you have already uninstalled the application you can still create a package with this Run Command on it's own.
In some cases you may wish to only remove the package cache if a certain version is installed or if a certain version does not exist. In this case you can still add the Run command and you will then need to add a Prerequisite to only execute the Run Command if the version in question does / doesn't exist.


Additional Information

More information on the ndlaunch command is available in the RMS Reference: System Reference: Command Line tools > Installation Agent.
More information on Prerequisites and Run Commands in general is available in the Packaging Guide: Chapters "Files and managed device settings" and "Prerequisites"


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