Q206127: How to have different failover settings for different machines


When you have large hierarchies you may not want all devices to use the same failover settings e.g. for windows agents they use servers 1,2,3 with File protocol, for UNIX agents they use server 4 with HTTP protocol etc.
In this case you need to configure Distribution groups to separate the configurations out.



You will need to create a separate Distribution Group for the UNIX devices and a separate policy / schedule for them as well:
  1. Create a new Distribution Group for UNIX devices under Distribution > Distribution Groups
  2. Create a new Distribution Location for the Core server using HTTP (you can have multiple distribution locations) under Distribution > Distribution Servers > Distribution Locations
  3. Click on the new Distribution location and click the "Groups" button on the right hand side
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with a Reporting location for that server.
  5. Select your new UNIX distribution group
  6. Create a new Machine schedule for Unix devices.
  7. Add the events as required (most will be the same as the Default Machine Schedule) however the difference is on the event called "Update Failover Locations" - once you create this, access the properties and select your new UNIX distribution group from the drop-down in the section: "Update failover locations using the following distribution groups or reporting locations"
  8. Create a new policy file for your UNIX devices and add your new schedule to that policy.
  9. Update failover settings, distribute your new schedule and distribute your new policy file.
  10. On your UNIX devices open config.ini which is in /var/opt/managesoft/etc
  11. Update the string: PolicyServerURL with the new policy name / location. The string is under Policy Client/CurrentVersion
You should also add the new policy URL to your UNIX installation mgssetup.sh files so that the change is there from installation.


Additional Information

More information on Distribution Groups is in the Discovery Guide: Distribution System > Distribution Groups
You can confirm that the failover settings have been updated as the schedule nds file will point to the new osd file in <download_location>/ClientSettings/<Distribution_Group_name>/


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