M100360: Resetting Windows Installer Entries - How to use MSIZap


This article details the steps required to delete the msi entry of a specific application from the MSI database (reflected in the Add/Remove Programs entries). This process can applied for any application assuming that the product code can be determined.

Cleaning out Windows installer entries

Windows keeps a record of all MSI applications that are installed on the local machine located at .\WINNT\Installer. (You can list the Windows idea of what is installed by looking at Add/Remove programs.)

To enable a MSI application to either be healed or removed through the Add/Remove entry, MSI requires the original application (version specific) MSI file.

In certain instances where the msi file does not exist or cannot be located, perform the following steps to delete the application from the MSI database. After performing this step, the application can be safely removed from the computer manually.

The Shorter method for those liking to avoid pain

  1. Download and install msicuu.exe from msdn. This is the GUI version of MsiZap. 
  2. Run Windows Install Cleanup and remove the offending application.

Longer method using MsiZap and product code/GUID:

  1. Determine the application product code. This code exists in the following registry:
  2. Locate the target application by searching through the GUID keys. Look for the value name: DisplayName, this is the name of the application
  3. Once the application name had been determined, the GUID registry key is the product code. Record the GUID in its entirity i.e. {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}
  4. Install the IntelSDK or download MsiZap from msdn. The IntelDSK can be located at \Camelot\software\pc\Tools\WindowsInstaller\SDK\IntelSDK.msi. By default, the IntelDSK application should install under c:\Program Files\MsiIntel.SDK assuming your system files are located in C drive.
  5. Open a command line window and run the following command: C:\Program Files\MsiIntel.SDK\Tools\MsiZap.exe T {GUID} where {GUID} is the guid key. 
  6. The application should be removed from the Add/Remove list. You can now safely delete the application files from the machine.


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