Q208708: How to verify if a Microsoft Security Bulletin has been updated


When approving a Microsoft security bulletin for production there is no prompt to advise there is a new version of the bulletin, why is this?


When a security bulletin is recalled then approved for production again or a newly downloaded bulletin is approved for production, a notification for an update is only displayed if there has been a new revision of the bulletin issued by Microsoft.

The Microsoft Security website allows each security bulletin to be located and the last revision date checked by using the "Bulletin ID" to locate the specific bulletin, for example "M00-000". If there has been no prompt to update the bulletin it is likely there has been no new revision to the bulletin.

Additional Information

The last revision for a particular bulletin can be located under the Revisions section.

The Microsoft Security site can be accessed using the following link: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/security

Additional information on the operation of the Security Manager can be located in the Security Manager Guide on the RayManageSoft website.


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