M100325: How to package NetOp Remote Control by Danware

This article provides hints on how to best package NetOp Remote Control by Danware.

A snapshot approach for NetOp Remote Control will not work correctly due to several kernel services that are picked up as part of the snapshot. NetOp also contains drivers for the video that are used when remote controlling a PC.

Because of this, a snapshot is not a good idea because if the video changes between computers, you may find that the package either breaks the computer, or the remote control software will not function.

As a result, the recommended approach to packaging this software is to use a third-party installer. This is achieved by creating an InstallShield answer file (setup.iss), which enables you to automatically configure NetOp Remote Control, pass the license key, and run the installation silently.

A sample setup.iss is attached to this knowledge base article, which will install the NetOp remote software. When creating the package you must:

  1. Create a 3rd party installer entry.
  2. Select "InstallShield" as the installation mechanism.
  3. Run the "setup.exe /s" command.
  4. Run with Full access permissions.
  5. Run with a minimum environment (without this setting you may receive errors on install).

This installs NetOp Host so it can be remote controlled immediately after install.



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