RMS200124: How to guide: Execution of SQL queries for data extraction from the RMS database

The intention of this guide is to give instructions on how to extract specific data from the RMS database. In most cases this is necessary to provide system information for Raynet support representatives you contacted due to a current issue. Please follow the step-by-step description to make sure the extracted set of data is suitable for this purpose.

It is most likely that you received an SQL query script from the support team or downloaded such a file from the RMS knowledge base. Within this guide the script you will use is referred to as DataExtractionQuery.


  1. Copy the DataExtractionQueryscript to your RMS data server.
    Depending on your RMS system architecture, this can be the administration server, or a separate data server.

  2. Open the DataExtractionQuery file.


  3. The local Microsoft® SQL Server admin console launches.
    If it does not, make sure you copied the DataExtractionQuery to your RMS data server.

  4. Connect to your RMS database ManageSoft.


  5. Execute the query that has automatically been transferred to the query window by clicking the Execute button.


  6. This will query some data from the ManageSoft database. The result will be shown below the query window.
    You can check the query result now to ensure no data privacy violation will be committed  by handing over the excerpt to your support representative.


  7. Right-click the upper-left corner of the result table and select Save Results As….


  8. Enter a name and select a location for your file. Make sure the target type is CSV (Comma delimited). You can close the connection to the RMS database and the Microsoft ® SQL Server admin console.


  9. Please send this file to your RMS support representative.

  10. As soon as the analysis of your data extraction is completed, your support representative will give feedback on how to proceed in order to solve your current issue.


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