RMS200123: Security Manager download resources

We would like to inform you of the following change with regards to accessing the server for downloading Microsoft Patches, as part of the module “Security Manager” within RayManageSoft.


As of May 2013 (Patch Tuesday and subsequent dates) the Microsoft Patches can only be downloaded from the RayManageSoft server since Flexera has discontinued providing this service.


For future Patch downloads please make below setting changes to your “Security Manager” as described.


  1. Open:  Start menu -> All Programs -> Deployment Manager Tools -> Configuration -> Deployment Manager configuration console
  2. Go to “Security Management”
  3. Change links:

               → URL to mssecure.xml transform = http://www.raymanagesoft.com/support/SecurityPatchManagement/mssecure.xsl

               → URL to Office update transform = http://www.raymanagesoft.com/support/SecurityPatchManagement/officeupdate.xsl

               → URL to Windows Errata information = http://www.raymanagesoft.com/support/SecurityPatchManagement/windows-errata2.cab


  1. Go to “Third Party Prerequisite Download”
  2. Change links:

                → URL to package index = http://www.raymanagesoft.com/support/PackageIndex.xml

                → URL to package index XML schema = http://www.raymanagesoft.com/support/PackageIndex.xsd



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