M100787: Error message s106m1502 - An error occurred while packing "filename"


 This article details how to resolve and troubleshoot the s106m1502 error message. This error message may occur while packing a project.



While trying to pack a project, one of the following errors is encountered:

  • s179m507 - Deployment Manager has encountered an error. Cannot pack project "Project Name"
  • s144m1060 - An error has occurred during packing
  • s106m1502 - An error occurred while packing "filename".

The s106m1502 error code is the primary error code used to detect the problem discussed in this article.



The error may be due to one of the following:

  • Packing packages that are very large may cause an out of memory condition to occur, which can result in this error message.
  • The name of the file being packed has an unacceptable character in it.
  • There has been an error calculating the MD5 checksum for this file. This may relate to the file name having an unacceptable character as mentioned above.
  • The file does not exist, or is not readable by the user performing the pack operation.



Perform the following steps to diagnose and resolve this issue:

  1. Ensure that the file referenced in the error message exists at the path specified. If the path is a relative path, it should be interpreted as relative to the location of the package's project (.ndp) file.
  2. If the file does exist, ensure that:
    1. The permissions on the file allow it to be read by you.
    2. The file is not hidden.
  3. Delete the \Staging\Common\Packages\<Path to package>\ folder on the machine on which the pack operation is being performed.
  4. Check that you have permissions to write and read to files under the \Staging\Common\ folder.
  5. Check that there is plenty of space on the disk containing the folder and your %TEMP% folder. At least three times the size of the source directory for the package and its contents is recommended.
  6. Re-start the computer and log in again.
  7. Validate the project. Address any issues reported by the validation operation.
  8. Attempt to pack the project again. While packing the project, use Windows Task Manager to monitor and look for large memory usage. If available memory appears to get used up, you may need to consider adding more physical memory to the computer.

You should now be able to successfully pack the package. If not, proceed to Further Troubleshooting below.

Further Troubleshooting

If you continue to receive the same error when attempting to pack the project, perform the following steps:

  1. Close RayManageSoft on the administration server console.
  2. Place the attached etap.trace file into your \ManageSoft\ folder.
  3. Restart the console.
  4. Try packing the project again.

If you still receive an error, zip up and send the following files to your RayManageSoft support representative for review:

  • An export of registry keys from HKLM\Software\ManageSoft Corp on the computer.
  • A copy of the file C:\PackManageSoft.log.
  • A copy of the .ndp file for the package.
  • Details of the size of the project you are attempting to pack, and how much memory you have on the computer. 


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