Q208444: 'Could not determine which server is the root (core ds)' error when running a Discovery task


When attempting to run a Discovery task, you receive the following error:

(s0m0): An error has occured whilst accessing the Discovery Service. Check the system exception message for more information about the cause of this error.
Please try again once the problem has been rectified.
---System exception---
Could not determine which server is the root (core ds)
---Stack trace---
System.Exception: Could not determine which server is the root (core ds)
at ManageSoft.Distribution.Impl.DistributionServerDataSource.getHierachy(String whereClause, SiteCollection sites)
at ManageSoft.Distribution.Impl.DistributionImpl.getDiscoveryBrowserNodeData(SiteCollection&ampamp sites)
at ManageSoft.DiscoveryBrowser.ScopePane.DiscoveryBrowserNode.PopulateSites()


This is caused when the Distribution hierarchy stored in the hierarchy.cfg file does not match hierarchy data currently stored in the database.


To resolve this issue, please open a command prompt in:
And then run the following command:


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