Q208069: Installing MS WebControls fails with the error "webctrl_client is unavailable"


When installing the Microsoft Internet Exlporer WebControls a prerequisite for Enterprise Deployment Suite this fails with the following error message:

"The specified path <Path Location>/webctrl_client is unavailable. The Internet Information Service might not be running or the path exists and is redirected to another machine. Please check the status of this virtual directory in the Internet Information Services."



The error is caused because a component of IIS (Internet Informaiton Services) 7.0 or 7.5 has not been installed on the system.



To resolve the error and allow the install to complete the "IIS 6 Management Compatibility" optional component of IIS needs to be installed and present on the system. The following steps can be followed to confirm if the component is installed:

  1. Load the "Server Manager" from "Administrative Tools".
  2. Expand the "Roles" node.
  3. Select "Web Server (IIS)".
  4. Scroll done to "Role Services".
  5. Verify "IIS 6 Management Compatibility" has the Status "Installed".

If the component needs to be installed this can be done by selecting "Add Role Services".

Additional Information

Additional information on the configuraiton of IIS can be located in the RayManageSoft Implementation Guide, Chapter "Preparing to install Deployment
Manager on administration servers".


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