Q207049: Task scheduler corrupted on restart for 64 bits linux client machines


The scheduled tasks on 64 bits unix client machines suddenly stop running with no apparent reasons.


ndtask erase the scheduled events' triggers if the logon/restart trigger is not present for the events

Steps to Reproduce

- Make sure ndtask is running using "etc/init.d/ndtask start"
- Make sure the schedule is installed using "/opt/managesoft/bin/ndschedag /var/opt/managesoft/scheduler/schedules/sched.nds"
- Verify the schedule was installed properly using "/opt/managesoft/bin/ndschedag -e"
This should provide a list of events and their next run times as dates and times. For example "Update Client Settings 04/28/2012 04:36:00 PM"
- Restart ndtask using "/etc/init.d/ndtask restart"
- Verify the schedule again using "/opt/managesoft/bin/ndschedag -e"
You will probably see the next run times are all "On Connection" with a time offset. For example "Update Client Settings On Connection + 10 minute(s)".

This would confirm that the task scheduler, ndtask, is corrupting the task files after starting up.

This could also be validated by stopping ndtask (i.e. /etc/init.d/ndtask stop), making sure the schedule is installed and good (i.e. ndschedag .../sched.nds and ndschedag -e) and then running the ndschedag -o "Startup=True". When running ndschedag -e after this, you will see the time based triggers are missing.


Make sure the logon/restart trigger is present for all the scheduled events.


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