Q200932: Connection agent fails to start on Windows 2008 x64


This will be first noticed because distribution of packages is not taking place.
The definitive confirmation that this issue is occurring is if the connection agent service (in Windows Services) is not showing as running as that should start with Windows and stay running.
This issue only occurs with Deployment Manager 8.2.2 on Windows 2008 64 bit only.



This is caused by an incompatibility between the default version of ndlisten.exe and 64 bit Windows.



To resolve this issue, please carry out the following:
  • Backup the following file: <ProgramFiles>\ManageSoft\Replicator\ndlisten.exe
  • Download the attached zip file and extract the contents
  • Overwrite the original ndlisten.exe with the one in the zip file
  • Restart the Connection agent service.

As the file has now changed and affects a service, some firewalls may need you to allow access to the ndlisten file once more.


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