M100387: Warehouse reports empty DB named "ManageSoft" as netDeploy

If you create a new Database and call it ManageSoft, when you install the Warehouse MSI, this DB will be mistakenly called netDeploy If you want to install the ManageSoft database with the database files and log files in different locations to the default location, you must create the ManageSoft Database manually before installing the product.

There are no tables installed, just the database itself. When you run the ManageSoft Warehouse installer it detects the database but thinks it is a netDeploy database and puts up the attached error message. For customers who have never used netDeploy, this is quite confusing.

If, however, there is an existing database with the ManageSoft tables also installed this error message does not appear. The workaround is to select proceed from the dialog and continue with the installation If you really want to create the database by hand, you should do so using the sql scripts that get installed in the Program Files\ManageSoft\Reporter directory.

These SQL scripts (normally installed to \Reporter can be executed in the following order to create and configure the ManageSoft database: schema.sql OpQueries.sql mgsProcedures.sql user.sql (if using SQL authentication) groups.sql (if using Windows authentication) perms.sql Be aware that the warehouse MSI installer normally makes changes in the following files based on options selected at install time: schema.sql user.sql groups.sql perms.sql


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