M100291: Resolving inventory from netDeploy Global 5.5 in later releases of the Warehouse

In some environments, customers are migrating from earlier releases of netDeploy Global to later releases of ManageSoft. This article explains a part of that process: how to have inventory data collected by netDeploy Global 5.5 resolved correctly into the software warehouse in release 6.1.3 of ManageSoft.

This article describes how you can process inventory on the ManageSoft software warehouse in an environment where managed devices are running netDeploy Global 5.5. There are four steps required to enable this functionality:

- Receive the Tracker NDP Plugins package into the software library in your ManageSoft software warehouse. This Plugin allows netDeploy Global Clients to prepare inventory files in the correct format for ManageSoft 6.1.3.

- Distribute the Plugins package to distribution locations. This makes the Plugins package available for managed devices to install.

- Assign the Plugins package to policy for managed devices running netDeploy Global. This ensures that netDeploy Global Clients retrieve and install the Plugins package.

- Set the ReconcileInstallStatusFromInventory Registry key on the software warehouse. This ensures that ManageSoft will process inventory files received from netDeploy Global Clients.


Step 1 - Receive the package

1. Extract the two files from the zip file attached to this article to a location accessible to the warehouse server. The files include a .ndp project file and an associated .dll file. Together, these files comprise the Tracker NDP Plugins package.

2. Open ManageSoft on the warehouse server.

3. Expand the ManageSoft warehouse node.

4. Right-click the Software Library node and select "Receive into Software Library" from the menu. The Receive Package wizard is displayed.

5. Follow the Receive Package wizard instructions to receive the ManageSoft project Tracker NDP Plugins from the location you stored the files in step 1.


Step 2 - Distribute the Plugins Package

1. Right-click the Software Library node and select "Distribute packages". The Package Distribution wizard is displayed.

2. Follow the Package Distribution wizard instructions to distribute the plugins package to relevant distribution locations.

3. Close ManageSoft.


Step 3 - Assign Plugins Package to Policy  

1. From the Microsoft Management Console, select the relevant group policy and open the Group Policy Editor. (For further instructions, refer to ManageSoft software warehouse online help or your Active Directory documentation.)

2. Open the Software Management snap-in, and in the console tree click the Software Management - ManageSoft node.

3. Right-click the Software Management - ManageSoft node and select New > Package from the menu that displays. The Add Package wizard is displayed.

4. Follow the Add Package wizard instructions to identify the Plugin package and assign it to policy.

5. At the next policy update, netDeploy Global Clients associated with this policy will install the Plugin package.

Alternatively, you can distribute the policy immediately. To do this, right-click the Software Management - ManageSoft node and select "Distribute". The Policy Distribution wizard is displayed. Follow the Policy Distribution wizard for instructions.


Step 4 - Setting the Warehouse Registry key

On the ManageSoft software warehouse, set the following Registry key to True: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ManageSoft Corp\ ManageSoft\Reporter\CurrentVersion\ ReconcileInstallStatusFromInventory When set to True, ManageSoft resolves all inventory to the InstallationStatus table in the ManageSoft database, regardless of the version of ManageSoft or netDeploy Global on the managed device. If this Registry key is not set, ManageSoft only resolves ManageSoft 6.1.1 inventory or above into the InstallationStatus table in the ManageSoft database. If set to False, ManageSoft does not resolve any inventory to the InstallationStatus table, regardless of version.



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