Q206219: What is the best way to change Distribution Server installation volume?


If I wish to change the installation volume that an active Distribution Server is installed on, e.g. from C: drive to D: drive, what is the easiest way to do it?


Active Distribution Servers (where Deployment Manager for Distribution Servers is installed) has IIS virtual directories, registry settings, windows services and scheduled tasks all referring to installed files and so manually moving the data is not recommended as it can be very labour intensive and very easy to miss a reference to a file. Instead the recommended method is:
  1. Backup your current data folder e.g. C:\ManageSoft
  2. Go to Add / Remove Programs (Programs and Features in Vista and above)
  3. Modify the Distribution Server installation and change the locations of directories / files as you complete the wizard
  4. Once complete, copy your old data folder into the new directory.


You should now have moved the data to the new volume.


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