M101023: Known and addressed problems in Deployment Manager release 8.4

This article contains two tables. The first lists customer-related problems that were addressed in the 8.4 release of Deployment Manager. The second lists known problems in the release. For more information, talk with your Flexera&ampnbspSoftware representative.

Problems Addressed

The following problems have been repaired in Deployment&ampnbspManager release 8.4 since the 8.2 release.

Problem Description
Admin console
71042 The Information for uninstall key for WindowsInstaller is misleading
73374 Update PolicyInstallationUpdate stored procedure to improve performance
74777 Not using credentials during adoption
Configuration UI
46240 CSPs created on 7.6 and later ASs are incompatible with 7.5.x MDs
73153 UpdateNetworkDevices may use excessive tempdb space
73299 Update stored procedure UpdateNetworkDevices to improve performance
74928 Remove redundant SoftwareFile.Filename
74290 Problems with import of flattened TNSNAMES.ORA
74926 Return the NBTSTAT result over ARP for MAC address during discovery
75483 Duplicate MAC addresses when using ARP from Vista or later OS
74937 Distribution connection agent may crash when run for extended period
75682 Distribution fails if UAC is set to default on a 2008 R2 64-bit DS
Install wizards
70156 'Service ManageSoft Database' schedule task deleted on DM msi repair
74279 ndlaunch disappears after reboot
73751 Add option to set NoRepair=1 in Add/Remove Programs
75195 MD incorrectly detects user logon state when rebooting Windows 7
75845 Incorrect parameter name resolution to $(PkgName)
Internal infrastructure
75497 Application event log errors for DLLs on Windows 7 64-bit
72888 Need alternative method for getting SerialNumber if unavailable from WMI
73079 Support for tracking files from 64-bit Program Files directory
73787 Oracle inventory fails on Oracle 9i
74917 Remove .dll from IncludeExtension default
75336 Generate Inventory creates Application log warnings
74895 Reboot may still occur over a disconnected locked RDP connection
Network operations
54925 Downloads using HTTPS via a proxy server fail with HTTP 400 error
72721 Peer to peer lockup on pathnames differing only by case
Policy merging
70771 Polmerge runs out of memory for large # of computers, packages & groups
73454 Polmerge runs very slowly if many computers have moved OUs
73791 Running polmerge stalls inventory importer
74300 Full RSoP Grouping Support is incorrect for unique user policies
74560 unnecessary AD activity when applying server side policy
Product CD
45811 Incomplete MD upgrade package appears on product CD
Remote execution
73167 VMware inventory requires the server to respond to ping
73902 Strong encryption for ManageSoft Password Store
52475 Need to support VS2005 format "My Asset" reports
73479 Software inventory report counts more computers than there are in the db
73074 Failed installation may not be updated if the pkg version has changed
46884 Missed events with "Don't catchup" set run after resume from hibernate
73008 Support for localized System user names
Security analysis
75538 Installation event log reason contains many superseded messages
75920 Non-admin users selector reports all apps as expected until user policy
73462 Ability to import multiple Solaris zones without being discarded
73675 File inventory not being collected from Solaris zone
74159 Problem with ManageSoft disk drive inventory on Sun
74160 Last package missing in inventory on HP-UX
74393 Java client fails to merge policy if cannot read or download a package
74409 Bootstrap configuration lost when upgrading Solaris MD client
74478 Java based Unix client keeps adding non-applicable entries to index.xml
74480 Upgrade of non-Java agent can loop on failure
74579 Problem with Linux RPM inventory missing package
74592 Race condition during setup of HPUX and AIX MD client
74929 Enhance the Unix agents to better detect true executables
75342 Threads are incorrectly reported as Cores on SPARC CPU's
75422 Java based MDs unnecessarily read the package index in twice
Wake on LAN
74634 WOL using different port through remote execution and AD

Known Problems


Problem Description
Admin console
39283 Domain config UI does not work from a remote console
37406 DSs cannot be adopted after being added to the distribution hierarchy
37565 Failed adoption of a DS may be reported as a success
Application usage
45206 Application usage logs with an empty NAME attribute fail to import
47380 Usage reports inconsistently include computers outside date range
58004 Usage reports may show bogus applications if UseAddRemove=true
58103 Blank or NetBIOS domain reported for users in usage files
70533 Application Usage update date
75421 Active time may exceed total time on the usage report
Configuration UI
36899 Unable to start multiple config consoles when mmc.exe.config is present
40626 Enter "edit" mode immediately after creating new MD settings folder
40828 MD settings can't be deleted after removal from policy without polmerge
75370 wmitrack.ini import is not robust
47464 ReIndexAll.sql fails if database option QUOTED_IDENTIFIER is changed
37286 Devices that connect to both VPN & LAN may be discovered multiple times
37442 Undiscovered but inventoried devices are shown with "Unreported Domain"
40245 Only one NetworkDevice record for all VPN devices found by discovery
57584 Discovery shows only one node from Network Load Balancing (NLB) clusters
28534 Event logs for failed remove jobs are not created for child DLs
28591 Synchronize of a non-shared DL does not pick up policy archive
31028 Synchronize of a DL on a Novell FTP servers does not work
33772 DS DNS name must match name in hierarchy for job polling to bootstrap
35582 Distribution subsystem may hang when using a Solaris 8 FTP server
42655 Empty folders are not deleted when deleting packages
46634 "Cleanup old policy files" option in wizard not available from nddistrb
46676 Old distribution event can overwrite more recent state recorded in DB
51940 Packages without info in dist cache do not get removed from staging area
52515 DS may be shown as offline with empty job type names in system status
53163 DS authentication with a group in a foreign domain does not work
55009 Packages cannot be deleted from DSs after manual copying and synchronize
55506 Empty package files created if DL$ share points to same folder as DS$
57820 replag.log file grows infinitely on admin server while console is open
58226 Update Failover Locations fails if CompatibilityWithNDG setting = true
58493 Polling DS stops receiving jobs if it is recreated in the hierarchy
75395 Bandwidth Throttling numbers inconsistent between 7.9 and 8.2
75741 DS may lose its configuration when out of disk space
75536 Compatibility issue with web resolvers on 8.0 DS with 8.2 AS
Install wizards
31095 Admin server install fails if non-ASCII chars in ManageSoft folder name
31096 Domain name on which the AS is installed can't contain non-ASCII chars
39256 Polling mode needs manual config if parent and child DS accounts differ
39996 Default mgssetup.ini should be in the MD and DS self-update packages
42961 Upgrading MGS admin server overwrites existing Web.config file settings
46027 Standalone DPE easy to misconfigure because install wizard hard to use
47393 Default membership of MGS Distributors group may be inappropriate
55769 DS uploading functionality broken if MD software is installed
56646 Virtual directories reconfigured to use ASP.NET 2.0 during AS install
75324 Cannot prevent usage agent from installing during client install
75932 Deployment Manager installation fails if FIPS policy enforced
27700 User policy and schedule updates may not work with folder redirection
31483 Dependent packages are not uninstalled when top level pkg is uninstalled
32102 Bootstrap location is lost after failed boostrap on Unix
32154 No event logs generated if install fails due to network outage on Unix
32156 No event log when uninstall a package using the Unix client command line
33244 Staged files are not removed if package is taken out of policy
34419 Installed packages don't get uninstalled if pre-reqs are no longer met
40441 Old schedules are still reported as installed after new schedule applied
40780 Install of MSI package fails if .msi placed in same folder on DL as .ndc
40815 Network{High,Low}Usage saved from bandwidth slider are ignored
45227 Reboot required by prereq package is skipped if parent package fails
45680 Callouts in prerequisite packages on a mapped drive do not execute
45776 Citrix callout script gets run on machines that are not Citrix servers
46035 Verify/repair of customized package tries to go to DL for base pkg OSD
52345 Setting NetworkMaxRate installation agent preference has no effect
52521 Package activation time ignored when upgrading a package with staging on
53311 Behavior based on if user is logged on doesn't work with custom shells
53324 Packages with thousands of files fail to install in UNIX/Mac platforms
54682 Callout processing in base package fails installing custom package
56927 "Before install" run command not executed if installer installer not run
56954 Download attempts continue after user cancels download in Auto UI mode
57134 File that keeps same size between package revisions may not be updated
57144 Installation error reported when package installed under fixed profile
57348 Reports show install as pending when updated package is not required
57735 "ndlaunch -a PackageName" fails with error "format not recognized"
58871 MsiUninstallArgs can't be specified when a package is uninstalled
58918 Variables referenced in MsiUninstallArgs preference are not expanded
59144 Callout on dependent package not executed
62003 .osd files are sometimes left in %TEMP% by the installation agent
75423 Java based MDs uneccessarily loads the ndc of "not applicable" packages
75728 Linux/OS X/Solaris client issue handling files larger than 2GB
Internal infrastructure
43110 Command line processing fails to strip trailing double quote after \
33033 Can't use diff inv with Description=$Value in specific registry trackin
34894 Solaris inventory does not include software patches
44008 Different packages with same name & version may be reported as installed
47415 Inventory import fails with duplicate path under Reporter\CV\Registry
56733 IncludeRegistry support for wildcard within registry name
39510 Parts of licensing ignore installations on computers in containers
53103 Code file needs to be hacked by user to get licensing reports appearing
Network operations
47877 HTTP PUT fails if file contains # characters in its name
Operations portal
47151 Menus defined in pre-7.8.1 Module.config files don't appear in 7.8.1+
56663 Error writing to event log using Operation Portal as a non admin user
Packaging and receiving
37074 3rd party install wizard copies *all* files in same dir as selected EXE
41044 Same MST file cannot be in both a base package and its customization
42454 Random packing console crashes deleting nodes in a package
43977 Failure to apply a transform is not detected and reported in MSI wizard
44806 Can't distribute >1 custom pkg at a time where the base pkg has a prere
48902 nddlm does not populate DB with information about custom packages
51455 Random packaging console crashes adding prerequisite packages
51984 Packer generates OSD files with invalid UTF, leads to parsing exceptions
53323 pkginfo.config files in Solaris packages are lost during packaging
54906 "Unspecified error" from COM importing RPM with non-existent dependency
56849 Unclear error when deleting a package that is still in policy
58547 Empty HW class & property lists adding HW prereq on packaging factory
75434 Packages with no metapkg.ndc.gz are repacked
75772 OS X package fails to import if path typed in manually
43012 Uninstallation of MD leaves packages in cache
48179 Packages cannot be installed from non-DL filesystem if P2P is in use
51168 p2p fail to down load packages with long name
57878 Read-only files are left in P2P cache but removed from catalog.ctx
Policy distribution
30221 Policy distribution fails with OU names containing " (double quotes)
45376 NPL file may not be generated if a user and computer have the same name
Policy editing
37171 Need to be able to use Add to Policy wizard for MD settings & schedules
46453 mgspoled does not validate package paths being added to policy
46876 Group filtering in Add to Policy wizard works incorrectly cross domain
47245 DPE always removes non-existent schedules from policy
51653 Package filtering may be removed if group moved in AD while DPE is open
Policy merging
35808 SSPM generates .npl files using computer CN but MD expects SAM AC name
41463 Policy data about Admin accounts from different domains incorrect
42937 polmerge fails if the domain GUID changes in AD (e.g. domain rebuild)
45683 All but one GPO with same GUID appears in the ManageSoft database
45744 Info about filtering by groups from root domain not accurately recorded
46888 User policy merge using a local account can cause domain account lockout
Remote execution
51958 Unclear: Time for RE tasks with dynamic device selection local to the AS
52528 DSs used for RE cannot be controlled with dynamic target selection
54437 Usability problems in selecting DSs in remote execution wizard
55478 Remote execution may target the wrong machine if DNS/IP info out of date
58649 Remotely executed apps fail to access network on Vista workgroup members
70652 Oracle/ESX/AMT inv tasks fail if strict mode enabled w/out RPC creds
75604 Add package to policy wizard auto generates remote task to update policy
75873 RemoteExecution alerts in event log if interactive services disabled
27118 Installations of dependent packages are reported as "out of policy"
27445 Special characters in OU names cause problems with reports pages
27690 Package name instead of path used to record installation information
30198 Filtered report page number links above 10 link back to pages 1 to 10
33493 Installation reports don't list packages that aren't in the SW library
34863 Incorrect subnets for adapters with >1 IP address shown in asset reports
39751 Drilldown from software installation summary reports may show extra rows
42053 Software report lists everything but drill down only lists used versions
42966 Report sorting may sometimes fail with reference to irrelevant column
43947 "NT4 domain" heading in "Computer * domain and role" reports incorrect
53510 Installation Pending/Failed/Postponed reports slow at large scales
Rights and Roles
52507 ArgumentOutOfRangeException reported in non-AD mode if user is not in DB
26490 Renaming/removing distribution group breaks schedules without warning
31284 Need a way for non-admin users to run pre-approved commands as System
31729 Changed Update User Policy events stop executing until next logon
45217 Schedule agent may invoke policy agent with bad case in path to .npls
45300 Scheduled events have duplicate names by default and can't be renamed
45515 ndpolmig overwrites customized policy update events in schedules
58183 Currently running scheduled events may be re-run on network connection
27066 Admin users can't uninstall mandatory packages using selection agent
29025 Pre-req pkgs of manadatory pkgs can be uninstalled using the Selector
37388 Opening the selector on Solaris may take a long time
42845 Custom config not shown using example selection agent config package
56212 Obscure ASP.NET error 1309 in event log on problematic uploads
75828 Admin Server calling ndupload and getting 'file not found' errors
Wake on LAN
31100 Managed device with NIC inventoried twice halts creation of WOL job


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