M100991: Installation of Enterprise Deployment Manage 8.2 with Enterprise Compliance Manager 8.1

This article describes how to address issues encountered when Enterprise Deployment Manager 8.2 is installed on top of Enterprise Compliance Manager 8.1


Enterprise Compliance Manager 8.1 only supports importing databases from Enterprise Deployment Manager 8.0 or lower.  In order to import data from Enterprise Deployment Manager 8.2, follow the steps provided below:

  1. If you are upgrading from Enterprise Deployment Manager 8.0, refer to the 'UpgradeGuide.pdf' for Enterprise Deployment Manager 8.2 located under \ManageSoft\Documents.  If you are installing Enterprise Deployment Manager 8.2 on top of Enterprise Compliance Manager 8.1 for the first time, refer to the 'ImplementationGuide.pdf' located under \ManageSoft\Documents.  Follow the guide that best describes your installation model.
  2. In order to import from Enterprise Deployment Manager 8.2 , the importer shipped with Enterprise Compliance Mananger 8.1 must be replaced with the updates provided in ManageSoft Knowledge Base 100964 (KB100864).  Refer to installation tasks provided in this KBArticle for installation.

After the installation of Enterprise Deployment Manager 8.2 you might experiance problems connecting ECM remote console to the administration server, if this is the case after your installation, please perform the following tasks:

  1. Make a copy of the original file called  WebServiceDirectoryService.config located under your administration server (\Program Files\ManageSoft\DotNet\)
  2. Edit the original file and check the version of service name 'ManageSoft.Compliance.Logic.Core.API'.  If this version is set to 8.2, change the value to 7.0.  Refer to example give below:

Change the version of ManageSoft.Compliance.Logic.Core.API from 8.2 to 7.0.
<Service Name="ManageSoft.Compliance.Logic.Core.API" Version="8.2">
...replace with...
<Service Name="ManageSoft.Compliance.Logic.Core.API" Version="7.0">

on  \Program Files\ManageSoft\DotNet\WebServiceDirectoryService.config on admin serve


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