M100938: Known and addressed problems in Security Manager release 8.0

This article contains two tables. The first lists customer-related problems that were addressed in the 8.0 release of Security Manager. The second lists known problems in the release. For more information, talk with your ManageSoft consultant.

Problems Addressed

The following problems have been repaired in Security Manager release 8.0.



57591 Process startup may deadlock on MD if CoInitialize called within DllMain
Configuration UI
39577 Troublesome "Report Compliance" preference appears in SPM config UI
47586 Strange modem related log messages appearing when pkgs soft-uninstalled
Packaging and receiving
56362 SPM package download wizard crashes on download failure
57052 Prerequisites for MBSA2.1 package not in SWlibrary with SPM7.7.x &ampamp 7.8.x


Known Problems



Application Blocking
56687 Application blocking does not work on Vista
Configuration UI
41010 Need to be able to suppress all reboots when applying security settings
Packaging and receiving
46911 Patches with long names may not be added to policy after mgspatchreceive
56622 Bad location for patches shown in bulletin properties
Patch management
43767 Intermittent file in use error for mssecure*.cab during errata refresh
44334 SUSE patches do not get added to policy from admin server
57635 Superseded patches are hard to identify and manage in console
45332 Scan status drill down does not list &quotUnknown&quot machines
45333 Different Security Manager reports report on different sets of devices
Security analysis
46066 MBSA preferences are inconsistently located and missing from CSPs
47568 Bad status reported for patches superseded by patches not in mssecure
54938 MBSA output fails to be found if %USERPROFILE% different from %APPDATA%
57016 Security analysis file generation fails with no TMP env variable set

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