M100006: Hiding the ManageSoft user interface using the ShowIcon Registry setting

Use the ShowIcon Registry setting to run ManageSoft in the Windows system tray on managed devices. The user interface is only displayed when you select the ManageSoft icon in the system tray. When the ShowIcon Registry setting is set to True on a managed device, the ManageSoft user interface is not displayed, regardless of the user interaction level that has been set. Instead, the ManageSoft icon is displayed in the system tray. To display the user interface, double-click the icon. 

This setting is stored in the Registry under: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ManageSoft Corp\ ManageSoft\Launcher\CurrentVersion\ 

This can be set in any of the preference locations for ManageSoft. Refer to Knowledge Base item M100012 for a list of preference locations.


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