Q206258: Failover Settings by Single Distribution Group


The following are the steps to distribute the failover settings using the distribution groups. The help file in the schedule properties mentions the process. However, the high-level steps are noted below.

1. Distribution Server Creation

  • Create appropriate distribution servers by region.

  • Create Distribution Groups

  • Assign the Distribution Servers to the correct Distribution Groups.

2. Schedules

  • Create a schedule for each region
  • Open the properties of the Update Failover Settings event.
  • In the drop down box defining the distribution groups and reporting locations, choose the distribution group that applies to this region.
  • Distribute the schedule to the distribution group

3. GPO Update

  • Assign the schedules to the specific GPO in the OU for that region.

  • Update policy

4. Managed Device

  • Update Schedule or Update Machine Policy will update the schedule

  • The Update Deployment Manager Failover settings will update the failover settings to the region only.


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