M100943: Discovering Oracle databases on unknown non standard ports

Enterprise Deployment Manager 8.0 adds support for discovering Oracle databases via two primary methods
1. SNMP based discovery
2. Port based discovery

In environments where Oracle has not been configured to report via SNMP and the Oracle listener has been configured to respond to an unknown non standard port, the above methods may not successfully discover all Oracle databases. In this situation the MgsIPScan tool that ships with Enterprise Deployment Manager 8.0 may be customised to support discovering Oracle on arbitrary ports by installing a few extra supporting data files and scripts. To do this:

1. Extract the attached zip into Program Files\ManageSoft\RemoteExecution\MgsIPScan
2. Change&ampnbspinto the above directory in a command prompt
3. Run a command like MgsIPScan -oX output.xml -sV -p1500,1599,2400-2499

where the -p option is a comma separated list of port ranges and specifes the range or target hosts to be scanned.

This command will produce results like:
1521/tcp open oracle-tns Oracle TNS Listener (for 32 bit Windows)

The list of discovered ports can then be entered into the Enterprise Deployment Manager 8.0 discovery wizard to run a more details discovery probe using available configured credentials.


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