M100853: ManageSoft Deployment Manager administration server 7.9 Readiness Patch for Compliance Manager 7.9.3 and Enterprise Compliance Manager 7.9.4


This article describes a "readiness patch" that  must be installed on computers running ManageSoft Deployment Manager administration server 7.9 that also have one of the following products installed:

  • Compliance Manager 7.9.3
  • Enterprise Compliance Manager 7.9.4

The patch make changes to some files used in the reporting subsystem to ensure the two ManageSoft products can operate successfully together.

Obtaining the patch

The patch can be downloaded from the Product Downloads area of the ManageSoft Knowledge Center: see the file Products\EnterpriseComplianceManager\7.9.4\MGS79Patch_CMReadiness.zip.

The patch is also available at the path ManageSoft\Patches\MGS79Patch_CMReadiness.zip on the Compliance Manager 7.9.3 installation media. The patch is not available from the Enterprise Compliance Manager 7.9.4 installation media.

Installing the patch

  1. Extract the contents of the MGS79Patch_CMReadiness.zip file to a temporary location.
  2. Execute the file MgsKB100853.zip. You will be guided through the installation process.


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