M100636: Using ndcrproc.exe to execute command line utilities without showing a UI

You can run command line utilities through ndcrproc.exe without displaying a UI.

ndcrproc.exe is a PS only tool -- its behavior may change in furture releases, so customers should not rely on it in the production environment.

ndcrproc is considered to be an "internal" part of ManageSoft, so it is probably dangerous to do anything with it which would cause you problems if the tool disappeared in future releases.

That said, the command line synopsis is as follows:
ndcrproc.exe -e <cmdpath> -l <cmdpath> <ndcrproc options> -- <command options>

For example, if you wanted to execute the command line c:\somewhere\foo.exe -d without showing a console window, you could do so as follows: ndcrproc.exe -e c:\somewhere\foo.exe -l c:\somewhere\foo.exe -o CREATE_NO_WINDOW=True -- -d

There is a differnce between "-e" and "-l". "-e" specifies the command to run and "-l" specifies a semaphore name which is used to stop multiple versions of the same command being run at the same time.

For example if you have two commands that you never want to run at the same time, they would have a different -e command for their specific command but the same -l name.


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