M100591: Developer tracing for client-side policy merging


This article describes developer tracing for client-side policy merging and the ndplc.ini file containing the trace settings that is required for this procedure. This article will be released to customers when KB 100588 is withdrawn in next release of product.

Developer tracing for client-side policy merging

If standard troubleshooting for client-side policy merging does not generate enough information to troubleshoot the problems, additional debugging information can be obtained using developer tracing.

This form of problem diagnosis is very low-level, and is generally only useful to a ManageSoft consultant with access to ManageSoft source code. It is best suited to diagnosing obscure policy merging failures.

For developer tracing to work, an ndplc.ini file containing the trace settings is also required. This file must be placed in the current working directory for ndpolicy.exe.

if policy merging is being run from a scheduled task, you will need to set the Start in field of the task to the directory in which ndplc.ini resides (usually Program Files\ManageSoft\Policy Client). Alternatively, you can copy the ndplc.ini file to the $System32 directory, which is the default working directory for scheduled tasks.

If you are manually running ndpolicy.exe via a run command or via packages for updating Machine Policy and schedules, then the ndplc.ini file must reside in the Policy Client folder under Program Files\ManageSoft\Policy Client.

This file provides developer tracing, which can be extremely useful. For client-side merging, you can trace all activity, although the output is quite extensive. The file contains filtering information, if you do need to filter out data.

Important: In the configuration settings in the ndplc.ini file, the second line points to the output of the tracing, and the directory structure of this path must already exist on the managed device for the file to be created. In the sample ndplc.ini text below, the path is C:\Temp\ndplc.trc. If the C:\Temp directory does not exist on the managed device, no trace (.trc) file will be created.

A sample ndplc.ini file is contained below. This sample traces all developer files (A-z) in all five libraries (NDPANTRACE to EMSTRACE)









Contact your local ManageSoft support representative for help with tracing.


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