M100332: Sharing distribution location on upgrade causes zero byte distributed files

If you upgrade an existing netDeploy Global/ManageSoft distribution server to a new version, select to share the distribution location when it was previously unshared and don't update the distribution hierarchy, distributions to the distribution location will result in zero byte files.

When upgrading an existing netDeploy Global or ManageSoft distribution server to a newer version, care must be taken when choosing whether to share the distribution location or not. If the option to share the distribution location is chosen, when previously the distribution location was not shared and the distribution hierarchy on the Warehouse is not updated to reflect this change, any distributions to this location will fail, leaving behind zero-byte files.

The failure of the distribution will not be reported however. This is because normally when a distribution location is configured as shared in the hierarchy, any distributions to it are complete once the packages have reached the distribution server iteself. However, if it is not configured as shared, but in fact the actual shares on the distribution server point to the same location, ManageSoft will attempt to move the files from the source location to the same destination location. This operation results in zero byte files because the file is opened for writing first, which truncates the file to zero bytes. This zero byte file is then read and successfully written, causing the distribution to be marked as successful.

The fix for this problem is to correct the definition of the distribution location in the hierarchy on the Warehouse.


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