M100312: Manually restarting ManageSoft's snapshot wizard

You can restart the snapshot process after the pre-install snapshot has occurred by using the command line discussed below. This is also useful if you need more than one reboot, or took the post-install snapshot prematurely, and would like to do another post-install snapshot.

If you are not satisfied with the running of your post-install snapshot (for example, you may have run it before the install was complete, or you may need to perform additional configuration after the install is complete) you can run the following command line:

ndautocw.exe -r <PATH file snapshot to>

This restarts the ManageSoft snapshot wizard, ensuring it points to the snapshot.

Note: As some programs can change considerably after a computer reboots, it may be necessary to reboot before running this command line, to ensure this works properly.

By default, the snapshot file (which has a ".bin" extension) is placed in the same location where you chose to save your project. If the .bin file is not found in the project folder, it was either:

  • Removed (see below: "Removing the .bin file")
  • Saved to another location specified in the ini file


  • Saved to another location specified from the command line

    -b c:\anotherBinFileFolder

    Option c) is given precedence over option b)

To view this file, you need to turn off file extension hiding.

  1. From the Tools menu in Windows Explorer, select Folder Options > View tab.
  2. Make sure "Show hidden files and folders" is selected.

Removing the .bin file

ndautocw.exe deletes the .bin file by default. If you wish to reuse the file at a later date, you must run the stand-alone snapshot wizard with the option: -s false or add the following into the ndautocw.ini file:


Note: This setting affects both the stand-alone and integrated snapshot wizard. The file is located in c:\Program Files\Managesoft\Common


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