M100007: Setting preferences on a package

To override managed device preferences for a package, you can set a project variable with the same name as the preference you wish to overwrite. 

If you wish to set behavior on a per package basis, or have different behavior for a package that is part of a policy, then you can override the default behavior of managed devices by setting the preference as a project variable in the package. For example, if you would like the Registry to be checked for one package during a self- heal, then set the value CheckRegistry as a project variable within that package. Set the value to True and then check the checkbox that indicates the variable should be set before catalog processing is checked. This will write the preference out to the .osd file. When the package is installed, the CheckRegistry preference in the package will override the managed device preferences, for that package only. 

Not all preferences can be set here, as some are needed before processing the .osd file (for example, UserInteractionLevel).


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