Q214144: No upload servers are configured


Generating inventory without the Upload=False switch or attempting to upload files from the agent fails and the tracker.log / uploader.log contains:
"Error: no upload servers are configured"


This is caused by no upload settings being configured in Common\UploadSettings on:
UNIX: config.ini
Solaris, OS X and Linux: upload.xconf


Upload settings need to be defined. This can either be done manually on each machine by added settings such as "Host", "Protocol", "Port", "Directory", "Priority".
These would need adding to every device however which is not ideal. A better method is to use policy distribution, the steps to follow are:
On the Admin Server:
  • Infrastructure node > Infrastructure editor > Distribution Servers > run the option: "Update failover locations for the entire distribution hierarchy" and send to all locations.
  • Scheduling node > Scheduling editor > Default Machine Schedule > If "Update Failover locations" does not exist then add that event, configure the triggers and distribute Default Machine Schedule
  • Policies node > edit the desired default machine policy and add the Default Machine Schedule then distribute the policy.
On the agent machine:
  • Update the policy file using mgspolicy (if the admin server section was done before installing the agent, then this will be done automatically)
  • Run schedule agent on Windows this is from the run command using ndschedag -t machine
  • Unfortunately UNIX does not have a ndschedag UI nor is there an easy way to trigger an event. The only way to do it is to use "ndschedag -x <ID>" from the command line however to get <ID> you will need to find it within the .nds file using a text editor.
  • If everything has been distributed and the policy has been applied then you should now see "Update Client Settings" - run this and it will automatically configure your upload settings for you.

If neither of the above is possible then you can add -o UploadLocation=http://"" where is the upload server location however this is not recommended as it does not allow you to add the additional parameters that the other solutions offer.


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