Q206962: Report on architecture of Operating Systems in Inventory


How can I determine if the Operating System of machines are 32 bit or 64 bit using Deployment Manager?

You can use either the EDS reports or a database query, both are discussed below:
  1. Ensure you have the correct organisation selected in ManageSoftRP reporting page
  2. Select the "Details" link next to "Classes" in the "Inventory" section
  3. Find Win32_OperatingSystem under "Class" and select the [All Computers] link
  4. Select [All Hardware] next to the computer you want to check
  5. Find Win32_OperatingSystem under "Class" and select the Details link
  6. You now have a list of all the properties of the OS for that machine and one of those is OSArchitecture and will say either 32-bit or 64-bit


The alternative method is to run a query on the database which is:


USE ManageSoft
SELECT ho.ComputerID,cp.ComputerCN,ho.HardwareName,hv.Value
FROM dbo.HardwareObject ho
INNER JOIN dbo.Computer cp
ON cp.ComputerID = ho.ComputerID
INNER JOIN dbo.HardwareValue hv
ON hv.HardwareObjectID = ho.HardwareObjectID
INNER JOIN dbo.HardwareProperty hp
ON hp.HardwarePropertyID = hv.HardwarePropertyID
WHERE hp.Property = 'OSArchitecture'
ORDER BY hv.Value, cp.ComputerCN


This will produce a list of all computers and shows their Architecture.


If you would like to filter on a specific machine then the WHERE clause will need modifying to something like:

WHERE cp.ComputerCN LIKE '%device1234%' AND hp.Property = 'OSArchitecture'
Just change device1234 to the name of the computer you want to see the OS of and it will then show the OS name and Architecture.


If you want to filter on Operating System instead then use:
WHERE ho.HardwareName LIKE 'Microsoft Windows 7 %' AND hp.Property = 'OSArchitecture'
Just change Microsoft Windows 7 to the Operating system of your choice.


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