Q206259: Reporting Services Troubleshooting tips

Often Reporting Services will not be working as Deployment Manager Reports will not be able to exported to excel or another format. The following are some troubleshooting steps.

  1. Check Reporting Services

    1. With your SQL Server Install, you have a license for reporting services. Install this product on your SQL Server.

    2. Validate it is operating correctly by opening the Start - All Programs \ Microsoft SQL Server \ Reporting Services \ Report Manager application.

    3. If there is any errors - correct before trying to register reports.

    4. For reporting services 2000, determine if it has been installed on a domain controller. If it has then manual configuration may be required. Review the ReadMe_EN.htm file under <program files>\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Reporting Services

  2. Register reports.

    There are a few ways to register reports. They are noted below in order of best success.

    1. Re-run the Deployment Manager install to locate the Report Registry section.

      1. Open Add/Remove Programs

      2. Select Deployment Manager for Administration servers

      3. Click on Change

      4. Select the Modify Option

      5. Choose the same options during the install

      6. When the Configure Exportable Reports screen appears, select Register reports.

      7. Enter the user access that worked in the above Report Manager steps.

      8. Click next and let the process complete.

    2. Upload Files in the Reporting Services node.

      From each folder in the Report Manager section, the files can be uploaded and registered.

    3. Command line - noted in the RMS Reference: Configuration.


  1. Reporting services 2005 needs to be installed on a separate instance

  2. Ensure that the Report server 2005 virtual directories have unique virtual directory names. The names cannot be same as those for RS 2000.


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