Q204923: What impact is there for managed devices if Windows 7 UAC is turned on?


If User Account Control (UAC) is turned on in Windows 7, particularly where the "Never Notify" option is turned off, what impact does this have for managed devices?



We don't have a definitive list of issues that occur with UAC however below is a list of a couple of known problems that occur:
  1. We use a number of windows services e.g. Installation agent that run in the background and UAC has been known to conflict with these preventing the interface from launching
  2. There is a known issue where UAC prevents non-administrative users from interacting with the interfaces e.g. unable to right click options in the Schedule Agent
  3. In some cases, UAC will prevent installations of the agent software
In general, the problems are mostly related to the various interfaces that we use and the services that drive the interfaces, tasks such as background inventory scanning, uploading etc are not known to be affected.
If you will never need to open the interfaces then there is the likelihood that restricting the UAC options won't have an impact. If you do need to open the interfaces e.g. to choose software to postpone / install then you will likely have problems if you use tight UAC restrictions.


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