Q204480: ERROR DOC: Installing Agent fails with a "considered and discarded" error


When installing an Agent on a machine the install fails with the following errors in the installation.log file:

Server <Server Name> has been considered and discarded as a source for downloading packages because a bandwidth of just 0 bps has been measured to it this bandwidth is lower than the current NetworkMinSpeed setting of 1 bps
[Time of Failure] {352382} Program exited with code 1



The problem arises because the Agent install is not able to access the specified server. This could be because a firewall is blocking the communication or there is a problem with the server. When the Install is performed the server is pinged to see it is it available.



The following information should assist in determining the root cause of the issue.

Question: Is the URL specified in the Installation.log accessible from the machine where the agent is being install?
Answer: If the URL is not accessible this would need to be investigated internally with the assistance of a Network Administrator as there could be an issue with the machine.
Question: Is it possible to ping the machine in question from the command/terminal prompt?
Answer: If the machine cannot be pinged but the URL is available ICMP (Internet Communcation Messaging Protocol) could be blocked on the network. A resolution would be to enable ICMP on the network.
As a last resort the ping check to determine if the server is available or not can be disabled by setting "NetworkSense" to "false". More information on this can be found in the RMS Reference: Preferences for Managed Devices under the "NetworkSense (installation agent)"


Additional Information

Additional information on this can be located in the RMS Reference: Preferences for Managed Devices.


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