Q201179: Troubleshooting Guide for EDS and FNMP

This article is intended to provide guidelines on the level of troubleshooting required by consultants and partner companies, prior to logging a Support Incident with Flexera Software Support team.
It gives an indication of what is expected from First and Second Line support investigations.
Also attached to this article is a template which lays out the format for the required information, the troubleshooting guidelines covered in this article will be used for the last 2 sections of the template.

FNMP Troubleshooting

Is the incident related to:
  1. FNMP Server Management (e.g. ARL, Database, Custom Views)

Inventory Server Troubleshooting

Is the incident related to:
  1. Inventory Server Management (e.g. Permissions, Connectivity, AD)


a. FNMP Server Management

Is the problem related to ARL/PURL, Database or Custom Views?


Is this an ARL or SKU/PURL issue?
  • If ARL then is the owner for the tables to dbo?
    • Is the ARL up to date? (Check ARLVersion in dbo.SoftwareRecognitionImport table)
    • If yes, then is it using online updating or local updating? Has the other method been attempted (if possible)
  • If SKU then check dbo.DatabaseConfiguration to see if the SKU version is up to date
    • If old version then does the customer have ECM PURL Data in their license (v8.4 and above)?
  • Check Recognition.log for errors and search on KB then send to Support.
  • If error message in log says &quotCustomer Name '&ampltCustomers name on license&ampgt' does not exist in CFS database&quot then please send the exact customer name in the message to support who can add it to the database


Is it a DB Permission, General Permission or DB Connectivity issue?

Database Permissions

  • What version of Windows and SQL Server is being used?
  • Can the customer log onto their database when accessing it directly?
    • If direct logon works but remote doesn?t then it?s a db connectivity issue
    • If direct logon doesn?t work then follow point 3.


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