M100896: Distribution node snap-in missing in Windows Deployment console after upgrading to Deployment Manager 7.9.5


On an administration server that has both ManageSoft for Windows Deployment 7.9 and ManageSoft Deployment Manager 7.9.5 are installed, the Distribution node snap-in may be missing from the administration console when opened using the ManageSoft for Windows Deployment Start menu shortcut.

ManageSoft has confirmed that this is a compatibility problem affecting Windows Deployment 7.9 used in conjunction with Deployment Manager 7.9.5.


The Distribution node snap-in is still available when the administration console is opened using the ManageSoft Administration Server start menu shortcut.

To enable the Distribution node to be displayed when you use the ManageSoft for Windows Deployment start menu shortcut:

  1. Rename the ManageSoft for Windows Deployment.msc file in the Windows Deployment installation folder with a .old file extension.
    By default, the installation folder is C:\Program Files\ManageSoft\Windows Deployment\.
    This step ensures that you may reverse the change at any time.
  2. Extract the&ampnbspManageSoft for Windows Deployment.msc file from the ManageSoft for Windows Deployment.zip archive attached to this article into the Windows Deployment installation folder.

The Distribution node will then be displayed each time you use the ManageSoft for Windows Deployment start menu shortcut.

ManageSoft for Windows Deployment.zip


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