M100884: "EXECUTE permission denied" error viewing reports in Deployment Manager 7.9.5


The following exception is raised when any user who does not have dbo (database administrator)-level access to the ManageSoft database attempts to access any of the reports from ManageSoft Deployment Manager 7.9.5.

EXECUTE permission denied on object 'GroupGetAllInheritedGroupsWithMemberByTargetIDTargetTypeID', database 'ManageSoft', schema 'dbo'.

Typically only users with local administration rights on the server running SQL Server have dbo-level access to the ManageSoft database.


This problem is caused by incorrect default permissions being applied to the GroupGetAllInheritedGroupsWithMemberByTargetIDTargetTypeID stored procedure in the Deployment Manager 7.9.5 database.

EXECUTE rights on this stored procedure should be granted to the mgs_reader role however no such rights are granted by default. As a result, only users with dbo-level access can execute this procedure.


This problem can be resolved by executing the following SQL statements as a user with appropriate (dbo-level) access rights to the ManageSoft database:

USE ManageSoft
GRANT EXEC ON GroupGetAllInheritedGroupsWithMemberByTargetIDTargetTypeID TO mgs_reader


ManageSoft has confirmed that this is a defect affecting ManageSoft Deployment Manager 7.9.5.


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